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History of Delhi Province

On considering the number of communities and of sisters, the distance between different communities and each community from the provincial house at Calcutta, the General Council discerned and decided to constitute a new province- the New Delhi Province. It compromised of 17 communities with 93 sisters in 12 communities from Calcutta province and 5 communities from Mangalore in Nepal working with ardent zeal for the spread of the Kingdom. It was erected by Mother Piercarla Mauri on 9th December 2009 having its fixed residence at Holy Child Convent, New Delhi with the first Provincial Superior Sr.Ines Anthraper at the helm of affairs. Due to the various ups and downs the17 communities with which it began was reduced to 14 but within last 4 years 3 communities were opened. The New Delhi Province also has an extension service at Kohalpur. At present the total number of sisters is 103 offering their services in 8 states –Uttar Pradesh, Madya Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu-Kashmir,Maharashtra, Delhi and the country of Nepal.

Sr.Ines in her mandate focused on making the communities deeply Christ centered, committed, joyful, attentive to the radical demands of Christ the Redeemer, open to the pressing needs of the people, service minded and respectful of all religions and cultures. After the example of Sts.Bartolomea and Vincenza, the sisters opened their hearts with compassion for all human suffering so as to be the eloquent sign of God’s tenderness to the people.In their formative journey sisters move from the sacredness of personal encounter with Christ into the sacredness of daily life. In creative fidelity to the charism the sisters are ready to risk their securities, reputation, comfort and even life itself to befriend those on the edges of the society and outside the globalized world “to do everything possible, suffer everything and even shed our blood for the good of our neighbor”.